Organizational design

  • Do you wish to redefine your methods of functioning in order to remodel your structure and implement your organizational strategy?
  • Do you wish to have an organiszational structure that is aligned with your internal and external environment?
  • Do you want your actions and strategies to be compatible?
  • Do you wish to facilitate communication within your organisation?

The stages of the process of the organizational design

Percussimo can help you obtain better results to achieve your goals. In order to do this, your organization must be in harmony with its environment, and adapt its methods of functioning to its reality and needs. This is the work that we will do with you.


Percussimo supports its clients who wish to redefine their methods of functioning and to apply the right organizational strategy. We help them to adapt the organization’s structures to its environment and true needs.

This is our organizational process :

  • Accompany and support the organisation in defining its missions and mandates
  • Accompany and support the organisation in defining its administrative departments
  • Accompany and support the organisation in defining hierarchical and functional links
  • Help determine the mechanisms of coordination between administrative departments and decision-making
  • Help the organization to create and implement a coherent organizational structure
  • Help the organization to ensure coherence between its organizational structure and environment (internal and external)

Diagnosis and organizational development
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