Organizational diagnosis

  • Do you wish to improve your organization’s efficiency to obtain better results and achieve your goals?

  • Do you wish to ensure your organization’s sustainability while maintaining a healthy balance between performance and your employees’ well-being?

  • Do you wish to strengthen your ability to change?

  • Do you want to increase your ability to create a high-quality work environment, ensuring your team and your clients’ loyalty?

  • Do you wish to increase the values that promote participation and collaboration, respect and diversity within your organization?

The stages of the process of the organizational diagnosis: to strengthen your organization’s efficiency

Percussimo can help you by diagnosing your organization through a research method that you will select together. At the end of the process, we will submit our recommendations in a written report, including any follow-up support you may require.


Strengthen your organization’s efficiency: call on us and we will organise the process with you, starting with the choice of a research method that is tailored to your organization – its unique character, needs, and reality. From this basis, we will be able to give a diagnosis.


The goal of the entire process is to work together to find the right strategy to resolve your organization’s difficulties.


Finally, whichever method is selected, the analysis consists in studying two aspects of your organization: its formal structure (“tip of the iceberg”) and its psychosocial dimension (“submerged part of the iceberg”).


Here is the process you must follow:

  1. Define the organizational research method
  2. Do research on the organization, based on recent scientific studies, facts and the organization’s experience:
    • Study the organization’s external environment
    • Study the organization’s formal structure
    • Study the organization’s psychosocial dimension
    • On site visits and observation of your organization
    • Analyze the results of our research
  3. Produce mission reports
  4. Give oral presentations
  5. Make recommendations

Diagnosis and organizational development
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