The stages of the process of the team-building (Tam-tam du bien-être©)

Tam-tam du bien-être© improves the work environment and cohesion between employees in public and private sector businesses. Percussimo adapts its activities to your reality in order to create an environment that stimulates the participants’ relational skills. Thanks to careful attention, exchanges and communication, we can help employees to form a cohesive group through the “magic” of the African hand drums.


The work teams are filled with the rhythm of the drums and can express their joy with their colleagues. Getting used to the instruments and the games keeps the participants busy and creates a climate of sustained collaboration and relaxation that enables them to have fun playing as a team in a spirit of complete cohesion.


No particular musical knowledge is required and the workshop can be given in English, French, or in both languages.


The millennial virtues of African hand drums in personal development, interpersonal relationships as well as physical and mental health are used throughout the world. Many companies in the U.S., Australia, China, and Germany… have used African hand drums to help energize their work teams.


The Percussimo team has offered the Tam-tam du bien-être© workshop for several years and many organizations have greatly benefited from it. The workshop is led by an experienced team in organizational development.

Benefits of Tam-tam du bien-être©

Tam-tam du bien-être© helps organizations to optimize the performance of their human resources, on an individual, collective and organizational level.



Stress is evacuated; motivation increases and communication skills improve through simple yet efficient games and techniques. This workshop promotes relaxation, humor and creativity in each participant. When the employer wishes to eliminate the source of stress and possible obstructions to human development in the work environment, Tam-tam du bien-être© is remarkably efficient.



Tam-tam du bien-être© brings participants together while opening them up to diversity. Through the “magic” of the African hand drums, we promote team spirit and attention, strengthening your work teams.


On an organizational level

The activity itself shows that the employer is open-minded and encourages employees to open up and express themselves as well. The organization therefore projects the exemplary image of an employer who recognizes the huge importance of his staff and of human development. After the activity, the employees will see their employer in a much more positive light, and their loyalty and dedication will be reinforced.


Tam-tam du bien-être© can also be used as an ice-breaking activity at official conferences and meetings, graduation ceremonies or other work activities.

Description of the activity

Tam-tam du bien-être© is customized for each organization that requests the activity. Other than employee participation, very little resources are required from the organization to host this activity. The client only needs to make sure that the employees are prepared, present and ready to take part in the workshop. The location of the activity is chosen by the organization, according to their preferences and availability. Percussimo’s logistics team supplies the hand drums and other required accessories.

Our main workshop themes

  • Mobilization
  • Motivation
  • Openness to change
  • Team work
  • Achieving goals
  • Communication
  • Organizational commitment
  • Leadership
  • Stress management
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Breaking the ice

Our main areas of intervention

  • Presentation of annual strategic goals
  • Strategy days
  • Executive meetings
  • Employee days
  • Annual galas
  • Opening or closing congress ceremonies
  • Group activities
  • Organizational or industry groups
  • Celebrations
  • Conferences
  • Various animations

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