Organisational diagnosis: to strengthen your organisation’s efficiency

You wish to improve your organisation’s efficiency to obtain better results and achieve your goals?

You wish to ensure your organisation’s sustainability while maintaining a healthy balance between performance and your employees’ well-being?

You wish to strengthen your ability to change the course of your organisation’s history?

You want to increase your ability to create a high-quality work environment, ensuring your team and your clients’ loyalty?

You wish to increase the values that promote participation and collaboration, respect and diversity within your organisation?

Percussimo can help you by diagnosing your organisation through a research method that you will select together. At the end of the process, we will submit our recommendations in a written report, including any follow-up support you may require.

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Conceiving action plans: to strengthen your organisational skills

You want to act, make some voluntary actions, instigate changes, and improve your ability to reach your goals and to produce better results?

You want to prioritize and know where to start with your changes?

You want to pinpoint the results that you wish to obtain as a result of these changes?

You want to determine your team’s responsibilities and contributions in terms of organisational change?

You want to set timelines?

Percussimo will support you in planning your organisational changes.

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Developing your employees ability to change

You want all your employees to be involved in the organisational changes that you implement?
You are worried that they might be resistant to change?
You want your changes to be a success and for your organisation to obtain the best possible results?

We can help you!

The action plan that we will create with you includes activities for the members of your team. By taking part in these activities, your employees will understand why your organisation must change. They will see that these changes are adapted to the organisation’s needs and that you can support them during the process; they will feel capable to contribute to these changes and see the benefit for them.

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Team-building (Tam-tam du bien-être)

Tam-tam du bien-être© improves the work environment and cohesion between employees in public and private sector businesses. Percussimo adapts its activities to your reality in order to create an environment that stimulates the participants’ relational skills. Thanks to careful attention, exchanges and communication, we can help employees to form a cohesive group through the “magic” of the African hand drums.

The work teams are filled with the rhythm of the drums and can express their joy with their colleagues. Getting used to the instruments and the games keeps the participants busy and creates a climate of sustained collaboration and relaxation that enables them to have fun playing as a team in a spirit of complete cohesion.

No particular musical knowledge is required and the workshop can be given in English, French, or in both languages.

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Organisational design

You wish to redefine your methods of functioning in order to remodel your structure and implement your organisational strategy?

You wish to have an organisational structure that is aligned with your internal and external environment?

You want your actions and strategies to be compatible?

You wish to facilitate communication within your organisation?

Percussimo can help you obtain better results to achieve your goals. In order to do this, your organisation must be in harmony with its environment, and adapt its methods of functioning to its reality and needs. This is the work that we will do with you.

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Work organisation

You wish to organise your employees’ work?

You want to organise their tasks, responsibilities, working conditions?

You wish to establish relationships between different employee positions?

Perussimo can help you to reorganise your employees’ work. Our work organisation services have a double objective: encourage your employees to contribute to the efficiency, efficacy and financial sustainability of your organisation; and contribute to their own health and well-being.

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