Creating an action plan to strengthen your organizational skills

  • Do you want to prioritize and know where to start?
  • Do you want to pinpoint the results that you wish to obtain?
  • Do you want to determine your team’s responsibilities and contributions in terms of organizational change?
  • Do you want to set timelines?


Percussimo will support you in planning your organizational changes.


What does your organization need? What challenges does your organization face? What direction should your organization take? Should you be thinking about its existence? This is why an action plan is so important, and we will help you plan the principal steps of its implementation. Since an organization feeds on its environment, this action plan should include all the involved players..


To help our clients establish their action plans, we first consider their set priorities. We then present a draft of the plan and we work on producing a definite and final action plan.

Here is our process :

  • Organize the results of the diagnosis
  • Determine priority actions
  • Translate priority actions into organizational results
  • Establish the actions that will enable you to obtain these results
  • Determine the contributions and responsibilities of the different stakeholders
  • Set deadlines to respect
  • Select work methods
  • Pinpoint necessary resources

Diagnosis and organizational development
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