Developing your employees’ ability to change

  • Do you want all your employees to be involved in the organizational changes that you implement?
  • Do you are worried that they might be resistant to change?
  • Do you want your changes to be a success and for your organisation to obtain the best possible results?


We can help you!

The stages of the process of the developing your employees’ ability to change

The action plan that we will create with you includes activities for the members of your team. By taking part in these activities, your employees will understand why your organization must change. They will see that these changes are adapted to the organization’s needs and that you can support them during the process; they will feel capable to contribute to these changes and see the benefit for them.


The activities that we will host with your employees aim at improving their willingness to change. They will then be able to take part in, and to support organizational changes.

Here is our method:

  1. Mobilize the members of your organisation in order to put the plan into action
    • In a co-creation optic, support the members or your organization through activities that will enable them to experience the planned changes :
    • Participatory workshops and training
    • Games (music, animation, creative artistic projects, etc.)
    • Conferences
    • Appreciative inquiry
    • Discursive approach (narratives, stories, metaphors, storytelling)
    • Team building
    • Exchanges, discussions and collective reflection
    • Brainstorming
    • Events
  2. Support and accompany the organisation in the implementation of change
  3. Follow-up with the client
  4. Present a final report to the client

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