Percussimo service conseil

Personal efficiency and optimism :

Percussimo is convinced that by helping employees to believe in their own ability to achieve goals, the organisation itself will move toward success. To develop their personal efficiency, we use the organisation’s successes. The positive aspects of an organisation are of utmost importance. We help to obtain better results, based on their strengths, desires and optimism.

Diversity and teamwork :

At Percussimo, our diversity and differences are an advantage, a key element to our efficiency.

The corporate environment has exploded and become more and more turbulent; our diversity helps us to find the most coherent solutions for this reality. Our heterogeneous and daring method leads to original and valuable solutions for our clients.

Percussimo’s diverse team is the core, and it works. We can thus help our clients to form teams that are able to efficiently obtain better results; in a word, to perform.

Artistic innovation and quality :

Percussimo is a consulting firm with the added value of artistic experiences. This is what enables us to help our clients to think differently and to innovate, freeing themselves from old beliefs and habits. We encourage them to dare, take the road less traveled and become open to the collaborative creative process.

We are also always looking to surpass our clients’ expectations and to satisfy our passion for a job well done.

Process :

Percussimo accompanies organisations throughout their process; we help them to become more efficient and more human, thanks to their own strengths.

This is why we help organisations change based on their successes. We analyze human behavior individually, collectively and on an organisational level. We work on beliefs, attitudes, values, structures and practices in order to improve the organisation’s efficiency while preserving the well-being of its members.

Our work is interdisciplinary; based on research, expertise and practical experience in the psychology of work and organisations, sociology, anthropology and management.

Diagnosis and organizational development
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