Who are we?

We are a management consulting service. We offer organizational diagnosis, planning and support in the realization of activities promoting a positive disposition toward change and the reinforcement of organizational capacities.


Every day, Percussimo increases its capacity to contribute to the sustainability of organizations and companies on a daily basis, thanks to long-term client goals. Percussimo bases its actions on values: as we also live by what we offer to our clients. Our objective is to go as far as possible and become a world renowned reference in our field.


We help organizations experiencing specific, recurrent or permanent difficulties which can be complex or acute, leading management to seek improvement.

Percussimo offers organizational development solutions that are customized to our clients and take into consideration the challenges that their organizations face. We offer these solutions in three steps:

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Action plan
  • Implementation and support


Personal efficiency:

For Percussimo, helping employees believe in their goals is a major asset to obtaining the best results within an organization.

Opening to diversity:

Our diversity and differences are an advantage, a key element to our efficiency.

The corporate environment has exploded and become more and more turbulent; our diversity helps us to find the most coherent solutions for this reality.

Based on the client’s situation and organization, our diversity enables us to intervene in a traditional, innovative or heterogeneous fashion.

Artistic innovation:

Percussimo is a consulting firm with the added value of offering a creative experience. Artistic innovation helps our clients to think differently and to reinvent themselves when face with challenges. We encourage our clients to dare, to take the road less traveled and to open up to collaborative creation.


Percussimo accompanies organizations throughout their process; we help them to become more efficient, on an organizational and human level.

This is why we help organizations change based on their successes. We analyze human behavior individually, collectively and on an organizational level. We work on beliefs, attitudes, values, structures and practices in order to improve the organization’s efficiency while preserving the wellbeing of its members.

Our work is interdisciplinary, based on research, expertise and practical experience in the psychology of work and organizations, sociology, anthropology and management.

Our tools

In order to offer these solutions, Percussimo works with several top psychometric measuring tools. These tools have been tested and validated by psychologists.


Here are a few :

  • Inventory of disposition to organizational change
  • Openness to affective commitment to change
  • Openness to Change Scale
  • Organizational Trust Scale
  • Organizational Justice Scales (3)
  • Employee Retention Scale
  • Organizational Commitment Scale
  • Organizational Diagnosis Chart
  • Appreciative Inquiry Chart
  • Employee preoccupation chart for organizational change

Diagnosis and organizational development
Your strengths,
our passion